Grand Cypress Club Fitting

A Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitters in America facility, Our Signature Club Fitting actually combines SwingModel Swing technology and FlightScope Launch Monitor and ball tracking to custom fit a set of clubs for your individual game, Utilizing clubhead, ball and shaft research by Dr. Ralph Mann and Swingmodel, once we identify your swing type and ball flight results the best combination of ball, clubhead and shaft can be suggested to produce your optimal launch and flight conditions. All leading manufactures test clubs and shafts are available for hitting on the range to validate your results.

Complete Full Bag (Full Fit) Fitting 3 Hours:  $400.00
Driver, Fairways and Hybrids 2 Hours:  $200.00
Hybrids, Irons and Wedges 2 Hours:  $200.00

Equipment Optimization Analysis with Swing Model Video Analysis

Two hours, driver/fairway wood fitting, irons/wedge fitting, shaft fitting, ball fitting

$404 – with SwingModel video analysis
$349 – without SwingModel video analysis


All lessons require a credit card at the time of booking. There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy on all lessons. Should a lesson not be cancelled before 24-hour prior to the lesson, a 50% cancellation fee will be assessed.