Game and Club Analysis

Game and club analysis with Fred will help you shoot lower scores. To score better you need to know your game and use this knowledge to make sound course strategy decisions.  Many golfers make course strategy decisions based on “hunches”, I will hit this club solid and the ball will fly straight.  This type of decision making will contribute to shots hit into penalty situations and difficult recovery shots producing higher scores. The game and club analysis with Fred will help you learn valuable information about your shot pattern and how to use analytics to improve your course strategy and ultimately your scores. These practice sessions in combination with Flightscope, the game’s most respected technology tool, will provide you with valuable information that WILL improve your game.  

Flightscope Skills Combine

During a Flightscope Skills Combine, you’ll hit several shots with your clubs to defined targets. The shots start at 60 yards and work up to your driver. On each shot, Flightscope provides you with the distance that you hit the shot, the distance the ball landed from the target, how far the ball was to the side of your target and a “score” for the shot. This is a great tool to help you gain knowledge of your shot pattern and have the right expectations about your current game and how it applies to sound course strategy.

Find Your Distances

To play your best golf at the present time you must know the yardages you hit each club. It is also imperative that you calculate your carry distance verses the total distance to plan your shots. Flightscope will provide this information and will also give you the ball trajectory landing angle on each club. This will help you to understand target selection and possibly make changes to the current club and ball you are using.  With the Flightscope environmental optimizer you will have the ability to adjust your environment to plan for all weather conditions and landscape.

Instead of planning for the perfect shot learn your realistic carry yardages. It may take a little while to process these realistic yardages but if you are serious about shooting lower scores, the adjustments will make you smile because your scores will start falling based upon your dramatically improved decision-making skills. Flightscope gives you the information you need to make good decisions on the course.

Club Analysis

Having the right equipment is important to insure you will make a confident swing out on the golf course.  After completing the Flightscope combine and distance program, a recommendation will be provided by Fred for any adjustments that should be considered in your current set of clubs and ball type.  

Game and Club Analysis

2.5 Hours


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